Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design
School of Engineering and Built Environment
Griffith University
Gold Coast QLD, Australia
Team Leader

Dr Zia Javanbakht

Principal Investigator

Dr Zia Javanbakht is a chartered engineer (in three fields of civil, structural, and mechanical engineering) and an early-career academic in the field of computational mechanics and material modelling. He has extensive knowledge in finite element analysis (ABAQUS and MSC MARC), programming (FORTRAN, Python, and MATLAB), and material modelling of composites and auxetics. He is an expert in developing customised programming code to solve unconventional engineering problems. He has published several peer-reviewed journal articles, authored books, edited books, and conference papers in collaboration with researchers from around the world. He has more than a decade of industry experience in structural modelling/design and project management. He provides consultancy services for national and international companies particularly in solid mechanics and simulation. He has been able to secure more than $3M funding from external and university grant applications. He holds the Fellow status of Higher Education Academy (FHEA).


Mr Rahul Singh Dhari

PhD Student

Ms Fereshteh Hassani

PhD Student

Mr Ali Ebrahimzadeh Dehghani

PhD Student

Mr Mobin Mobin Majeed

PhD Student

Mr Akshay Asthana

MPhil Student

Mr Premraj Joshi

MPhil Student


Prof Andreas Öchsner

Esslingen University

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University of Magdeburg

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University of Plymouth

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University of Magdeburg

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University of Victoria

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University of Southern Queensland

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Technical University of Munich

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Bond University

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Mr Gaurav Singh

Mathscapes Research


Ms Marie-Theres Liebers

Research Intern

Dr Mahyar Masaeli

PhD Student

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MSc Student

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Research Fellow

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